Richard McComb in Birmingham Living interview

SCAN0101The jolly editorial team at Birmingham Living have a regular feature called “In The City” in which they ask influential movers and shakers for their take on what makes the metropolis tick.

Obviously, they asked me. What took so long, guys?

Unfortunately, the magazine missed the opportunity to put a huge picture of me on the cover but in fairness singer Sasha Simone probably edges it when it comes to hair (left). Now that is a seriously cool look.

So, here’s what I told “Birmingham Living” about coffee, lunch and favourite spots for an afterwork tipple. On the coffee front, Six Eight Kafé in Temple Row continues to knock out a good flat white. I popped in again this week. Far too many new cafés persist in selling barely warm coffee.  Just heat up the milk. Cold coffee isn’t cool when it’s meant to be hot. It’s a frappé-no-no.


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