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Spanish tapas at Amantia in Birmingham

The bread pretty much tells you everything you need to know when you dine out. If restaurateurs don’t get the bread right, they are playing catch up before the first dish hits the table. It matters if the loaves or rolls or swirly creations are made in-house. It is a restaurant’s way of saying: …

Corned beef hash

The Butchers Social in Harborne, Birmingham

Pop-up restaurants represent one of the most refreshing additions to the UK dining scene of the past five years – and one of the most annoying. Temporary restaurants in sometimes vacant, sometimes partly occupied premises, have given young chefs and hipster entrepreneurs low-cost opportunities to test the market. Do black pudding …

pork 3

Best value lunch in Birmingham: MinMin

What can you buy for £7.80? Obviously, you can pick up a classic album, possibly two. For example.. and I find this hard to believe … you can pick up “Guilty” by Barbra Streisand (with help from Barry Gibb) and Barry White’s “The Collection” for a combined price of £7.20. Isn’t that …