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Jaboulet wine dinner at The Cross, Kenilworth

It is 2010 and someone tells me I will get an outstanding lunch if I go to Coventry. And it doesn’t end there. I am informed that the culinary delights will be complemented by wines that would make a Mayfair sommelier weep into his ridiculously oversized decanter. What do I tell this gastronomic soothsayer? I tell him the only thing that …

The Bridge of Sighs at St John's College

Dining at St John’s College, Cambridge

Steamed, wet vegetables, baked beans, lots of baked beans, pies in tin foil, room temperature yoghurts, Mother’s Pride bread, plastic chairs… That is pretty much my memory of dining in halls at university. It was the 80s; it rained a lot; students had big hair; it was Hull. In fact, “dining …