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Jaboulet wine dinner at The Cross, Kenilworth

It is 2010 and someone tells me I will get an outstanding lunch if I go to Coventry. And it doesn’t end there. I am informed that the culinary delights will be complemented by wines that would make a Mayfair sommelier weep into his ridiculously oversized decanter. What do I tell this gastronomic soothsayer? I tell him the only thing that …


Can I have a cup of hot coffee, please?

It’s the new law of coffee physics and you don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to understand it. The basic principle is simple if not bizarre: the rise in the number of coffee shops is in inverse proportion to the temperate of the hot beverages served in these establishments. In other words, …


Whisky a go-go at Birmingham’s best pubs

Gone are the days when the local boozer just sold budget blended whiskies and kept a bottle of single malt near the pickled eggs for weddings and wakes. The quality of the whiskies sold in pubs has undergone a rapid transformation in the last couple of years as landlords have sought to diversify …

The Wine Society

Trio of summer rosés from The Wine Society

It’s that time of year when a young and older man’s thoughts turn to rosé. Why a glimpse of the sun should increase the appetite for pink wines is a mystery. After all, Brits knock back chilled white wine regardless of the weather. But when it comes to rosé, it …

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Take five from Virgin Wines

I’ve lost my Virgin Wines virginity, and you know what, it was all rather lovely. Here are my thoughts on five very different wines, from the ballsiness of South Australia to the light apple scents of southern France.   Odfjell Old Vine Carignan 2011 This full-bodied, fruity beauty from Chile’s …